Nemecek Bros - Meat processor missing meat pricey piggy

Cameron, Texas 0 comments
Not resolved

Recently took two 300lb hogs to be butchered here and am not happy by any stretch of the imagination.

Our original kill date had to be changed because in their words, "their kill machine was down" so we decided to push back the kill date instead of going somewhere else. Then it took a month and a half to get the meat back, we did not get the organ meat and were told it was contaminated but they couldn't provide paperwork to prove it then found out they sent the hogs somewhere else to be killed.

Then we only got 200 pounds of meat out of 600 pounds of hog and they charged $377.00 for butchering and processing! We should have gotten 50-60 percent of the original weight back in proccessed meat, now that's some pricey piggy!

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